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Healing Facial Tonic
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WHAT IT IS: A gentle, calming blend of fresh hydrosols & extracts, including lavender, cucumber, tamarind, witch hazel, and aloe.

WHAT IT DOES: Soothes redness and irritation while clarifying and balancing the skin.

WHY WE’RE DIFFERENT: This tonic balances and tones the skin without the use of harsh, drying alcohols found in traditional toners.

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| Face Care

| Oily skin/Break-outs

| Sensitive Skin

Facial Tonic
Magic in a Bottle - Replenishing Lavender and Rose Even and Brighten
Benefits Map
Balances Combination Skin with Hydrolized Oats
Brightens Tone with Cucumber and Tamarind
Soothes Red, Dry Skin with Lavender and Aloe