Frequently Asked Questions

How are Arkadiance products superior to other brands I know?

Arkadiance offers the luxury experience women crave but delivers the scientific health benefits they deserve. Our products are made with quick-acting natural ingredients and no synthetic fillers. Large manufacturers cannot afford to use these natural ingredients and expensive advertising, corporate overhead, and retail fees so they skimp on ingredients. Arkadiance never cuts corners and our quality rises above the competition as a result. We stand behind our quality with a 100% product love guarantee or offer a full refund with returned product.

  • Our Omega Radiance Capsules are highly-concentrated to be small and elegant and infused with lemon oil to ensure no fishy aftertaste. Even the frosted glass jar is attractive and looks great on a nightstand!
  • The Smoothing Face Cream is fast absorbing with absolutely no greasy after-feel. Unlike stereotypically “masculine” or “feminine” scents in drugstore products, our luxurious essential oils are gender neutral and designed to lift your spirits – morning, noon, or night.

What inspired you to start the Arkadiance brand?

Arkadiance was created to address my own troubled, sensitive skin. I found at an early age how my eczema responded better to natural calming and anti-inflammatory ingredients like coconut oil and turmeric. These are ancient ingredients but science has also proven their effectiveness. I've used my product design skills to create a line I use myself and adore sharing with my friends, my daughters, and you. Arkadiance is a brand that puts wellness first without sacrificing luxury design and aesthetics. It’s a truth that we are all more likely to take care of ourselves if the process is filled with delight and beauty

Why should I consider supplements for better skin?

We are constantly inundated with products that promise to make us look younger and more beautiful on the outside. But at Arkadiance, our skincare products focus on beauty from the inside. The core of our product line strengthens your inner health by providing the resources your body needs to improve processes from circulation and metabolism to digestion and brain function. The line even boosts the body’s natural ability to fight off viruses and infections. Strengthening our bodies on the inside results in toned, moisturized, glowing skin on the outside.

Are Arkadiance products and packing environmentally-friendly?
Yes! Arkadiance lives by the mantra “less is more.”
  • Our bottles are 100% recyclable and/or repurposed for other uses.
  • 95% of our ingredients are green, sustainable, and plant-based.
  • Our shipping methods are 100% recyclable boxes, water-dissolving green "peanuts" and is completely plastic-free.
  • We skip the outer cartons to minimize waste.  All ingredients are fit on the bottle.
Where are the Arkadiance products manufactured?

Arkadiance pulls powerful, natural, healing ingredients from wherever the best quality producers grow them. While 100% of our production is in the US, our ingredients come from around the world: lavender from the rocky fields of the Midwest, turmeric from the lush jungles of India, and cold-water fish oil made in Norway.

How do I know the supplements are safe?

Arkadiance supplements are all produced in Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) approved facilities with best-in-class manufacturing partners. We leverage scientists, material manufacturers, and process engineers to ensure the products are safe, tested for validity, and stable. For example, our Omega-3 Fish Oil is sourced from a Norwegian fish oil supplier and encapsulated by a leading edge pharmaceutical firm, exactly to our unique design specifications.

Where is Arkadiance sold?

Currently most clients purchase their products through our website. We are also available at select doctors offices and natural foods stores.

What skin types is the line designed for?

All skin types can benefit from the Arkadiance product line. It is a myth that each skin type needs completely different products. The truth is that while you may need more or less of something, we all need the same basics – gentle cleansers, calming tonics, and silky hydration for face and body.

Will other products be coming soon?

We constantly strive to expand our product line to meet your needs and interests. We are exploring new offerings such as a specialty eye product, an SPF lotion, and cosmetics, but if you have an interest in a specific item we don’t yet offer, we’d love to hear from you! hello@arkadiance.com.