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Omega-3 Radiance Capsules
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WHAT IT IS: Concentrated Norwegian fish oil from free-swimming, cold-water krill, mackerel, and sardines. Each 1,000 mg serving of pure Omega-3 fish oil provides a pharmaceutical-grade dose of anti-inflammatory EPA (500 mg) & DHA (200 mg).

WHAT IT DOES: Reduces headaches and joint pain, improves quality of sleep, and delivers more clear, glowing skin by reducing total-body inflammation. The results are noticeable within 28 days, guaranteed.  The EPA element improves cardiovascular health and circulation, delivering better skin texture, tone and feel. The DHA works on your neurological system to improve brain and eye health, reduce anxiety and improve mood.

WHY WE’RE DIFFERENT: Our capsules provide the most concentrated dose of EPA & DHA in the smallest possible capsule. The natural lemon oil in the formula and the charcoal sachets in the bottle retain freshness for up to 6 months after you open the bottle.

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| Dry skin/Eczema

| Nutraceuticals

| Oily skin/Break-outs

| Sensitive Skin

| Stressed/Tired Skin

Radiance Capsules
Improve Skin, Sleep, and Circulation with 500 mg of Anti-Inflammatory EPA
Benefits Map
Improves Skin from the Inside - Look for Better Tone, Texture, and Radiance
Improves Circulation
Helps Reduce Chronic Inflammation