Ode to Coconut Oil - Three reasons you need it inside and out.

Ode to Coconut Oil - Three reasons you need it inside and out.

It's quite ironic that I'm so indebted and addicted to coconut oil given my dicey history with it.  The smell of unrefined coconut oil used to make me gag. Still now, if I smell the unrefined stuff, it takes me back to being seven years old in India and watching my family members soak their hair in it before they'd head out to school or work. Seeing my grandmother tie and retie her three foot silver-streaked braid with the wafting scent of unrefined coconut oil made me feel quesy. And boy did it make me confused to see all that slick, oily hair.  My American, cultured mind was thinking, "WHY CAN'T YOU WASH YOUR HAIR MORE OFTEN LIKE A NORMAL PERSON?".  I didn't understand the health and beauty benefits. I didn't understand how it protected their hair and scalp from the toxic fumes of a polluted Indian cities that they'd scooter around in. Or how it helped keep their scalp and skin clear from breakouts and build-up. Or how it allowed them to grow their hair so it touched the floor when they walked. I was ignorant and judgemental but alas I was seven. Being 40, and now having studied the health and skin benefits of coconut oil, I've wizened to my culture's respect for coconut oil.

Coconut Oil has been an essential super food in many warm-temperature cultures for thousands of years.  The link prior explains the studies of the Tokelauans, a South Pacific community, that has some of the lowest incidence of heart disease in the world and consumes 60% of their calories from Coconuts.

In modern times as well, I've seen the immediate consequence of adding it to your daily life. 

1) The Arkadiance Cell-Renewing Moisturizer and Illuminated Body Lotion both hero silky and light fractionated Coconut Oil as a major active ingredient to hydrate and protect the skin. It absorbs easily, is gentle on all skin types, and never leaves you greasy like most traditional moisturizers.

2) The Arkadiance Soap-Free Cleansing Gel also includes coconut oil to deliver a silky, gel cleansing agent and be a carrier for the purifying Green Tea and the skin-plumping citrus essential oils.

3) Consuming MCT Oil daily has noticeable improvements to total health. Eating MCT Coconut Oil daily also stimulates your metabolism, boosts brain function, and is clarifying to the body.  It helps reduce acne. and the previous blog post mentioned the shiny, plaque-free teeth I now have due to drinking coffee with a tablespoon of MCT Coconut Oil every morning.

Net - Coconut Oil is the easiest, most delicious nutritional supplementation I've ever added and the Arkadiance Skin Care products couldn't be the natural formulation gems they are without it.   Would love to hear questions or comments from you about your own experiences!!

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