The super secret upsides of Intermittent Fasting.

The super secret upsides of Intermittent Fasting.

"What on earth have you been doing? There's nothing for me to do here. There's no point for you to even be here!"

These are words I never expected to hear from my dentist. Already feeling a bit guilty that it had been over a year since my last teeth cleaning, I was feeling sheepish when I walked in. Then to hear these words! She called over a few dental hygienists and another dentist to show them my mouth.  She said, "There's literally nothing fo me to clean! How is this possible? I've cleaned this mouth for almost 40 years and its never been anything like this".   

This woman is telling the truth. She's not earning any brownie points because this woman is my mom. Yes my mom is my dentist and she is BRUTAL. I've been told I brush wrong and not enough and not long enough and don't even get her started on flossing. But today, she was completely floored and I left after 10 minutes because there was no plaque to clean away and no tartar to scrape. 

To me this miracle is linked to my change in eating habits that started with Intermittent Fasting.  My version of Intermittent Fasting is to eat from about 1pm to 7:30pm. Here's a link to more details on what it is. Its only possible for me to restrain my eating hours because of the amazing 8am black coffee I blend with my Vitamix into a decadent caramel-flavor latte with the addition of 1 tablespoon of MCT Coconut Oil (my favorite is Bulletproof and 1 teaspoon of grassfed Ghee and no sweetener of any kind.  This frothy concoction holds me over till lunch because of the healthy fats.  Well today I decided this needed its own blog post as I've experienced So. Many. Amazing. Improvements.

1) Plaque-Free Teeth!  The daily MCT Oil (also often used for oil pulling) has improved the pH of my mouth and basically made it build up free.  Clean, clear teeth are an underrated health and beauty benefit!

2) Better Intimacy. If you stop eating 3 hours before bed, your stomach isn't full. 'Nuff said.

3) A more clear head from a more clear tummy. Slimmed down tummy within the first week!  I couldn't believe that I lost inches from simply allowing my body to do what is has been designed to do - eat for 7-8 hours a day and give my GI system a full rest the other 16 hours.  My energy is better, blood sugar spikes have reduced, and headaches have gone down as well!

Many people are trying Intermittent fasting to lose weight. I've enjoyed that benefit for sure but the daily life improvements are proving to be worth the effort on their own.  Write to me if you have any questions or comments! Would love to hear your experiences as well. : )

Wishing you Radiance and Joy,


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  • Hi Mellisa – Yes I was the same way before I trained to this method. Would wake up starving after just 30 minutes and feel foggy if I didn’t eat within an hour. That still happens but my coffee with 150 calories of healthy fats addresses my hunger and yet let’s my body still stay in fasting mode because there are absolutely no carbs. It has taken me a few months to go from my old schedule 7am breakfast to finishing dinner by 9 or 10pm. (About 15 hours of meals) to the new schedule of 12:30-7ish (about 7 hours of normal nutrition). I’d ease into slowly with starting and try to cut an hour of food exposure a week until you can drop down to a 7 or 8 hours window. Also, lots of water helps curb your appetite and sugar plummets. Be gentle with your body and play the long game and you’ll be amazed with what health benefits you will see! Please email me if you’d like to chat more.

    • Ami @Arkadiance
  • I would love to try this, I don’t mind being hungry for a while, but my blood sugar tends to bottom out after so many hours. If I don’t eat within 2 hours of waking, I get severe symptoms of hypoglycemia.
    How do I get around this? Can I train my body over time to not do this?
    Thanks, Ami!

    • Mellisa Roberts