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Rainbow Antioxidants
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WHAT IT IS: A trio of powerful antioxidants from nature’s superfoods: turmeric, chlorella, and acai berry.

WHAT IT DOES: Each antioxidant has its’ own superpower: turmeric calms total-body inflammation, chlorella detoxifies, and acai berry boosts metabolism. All three superfoods are powerful free radical fighters that boost immunity, radiance, and skin health.

WHY WE’RE DIFFERENT: Getting your superfoods should be simple – Arkadiance allows you to incorporate 3 diverse antioxidants into your routine in one easy, beautiful package.

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A simple way to eat the rainbow, three ancient, power ingredients from around the world.
Benefits Map
Antioxidants Like Acai Berry are a Natural Way to Help Neutralize Free Radicals Linked to Premature Aging
Golden Curcumin is the Most Impactful Part of Turmeric, a Root Used in India for Thousands of Years in Food and Medicines for its Antiviral, Anti-Inflammatory, and Antibacterial Properties
Chlorella is a Single-Celled Algae Utilized for Increased Immunity to Colds and Flus