Unpacking my mission

Unpacking my mission What I thought was going to be a tedious experience turned into the highlight of my week.   This afternoon I spent 30 minutes at FedEx shipping out product orders to four locations in Phoenix, Denver, and Cincinnati. As I struggled to maximize my products per box and safely bubble wrap, there was a kind woman with beautiful dreads and glowing skin who processed the transactions. She asked, “So what is this?”. I naively wasn’t expecting anyone to ask about the products. So I softly told her how I’ve been dreaming about developing a wellness based beauty brand throughout my adult life and finally four years ago, I started pulling it together. I told her how I’ve always struggled with eczema and how Omega-3s literally saved my face so it is the base of the entire line.  She mentions, “I have eczema. And so does my son.” As we packed up the boxes she told me about her fibromyalgia, her twin sister’s recent stroke, and how she was looking to start Omegas and a probiotic for awhile but hadn’t got around to it. She was delighted in the samples I left with her, “I love these beautiful packages! I know this brand is going to succeed. You are doing all the right things.” I didn’t realize how powerful those words would be coming from a stranger.   Nor did I realize how badly I wanted to hear them. By the time we shipped off the packages, I had a new fan and more than that, I had a soul in the world who reflected my story, my mission, back to me: “to naturally nourish you inside and out, helping your true self shine through”… SaveSave

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