Thank goodness for My Net

Thank goodness for My Net

Women never cease to amaze me.  My women, my friends and family, are so often pulling me up and catching me when I didn't even know to ask for help.   They are able to do this because when we catch up over a brunch or coffee or text, they ask, "How are you?".   What this really means is, "I have 10, 30, 60 minutes to invest in you and I want to lift you up. How can I be of help to you?".  And then when I share whatever it is, they listen.  They hear me.  They feel my pain.  And then they suggest something that totally changes the game.  They open up a path that I didn't even see that was there all along.  And then it's my turn to ask them, "How is ____? I've been wondering how it has been going for you."  I have amazing men in my life who have definitely lifted me up with their strength, their vision, their insights, but My Women.  They ask.  They ask every time and mean it.   

This weekend I met with two of my most special women, K & S.  In a course of an hour over identical "Avi Omelettes" at The Sleepy Bee Cafe, we listened to each other. We shared perspectives on our careers, our health, our marriages, and even our hair. K and I agree we need to meet every more often to support each other as we have fresh, young brands we are creating.  (She has something AMAZING in the works that will change the lives of new mothers in a big way.  But more on that later).

As we are paying, two of us both mentioned that we needed new hair stylists.  (Mine decided to DJ full time and follow his passion).    K jumps to recommend someone, "I know you will love her!".   We've been friends for almost 20 years but I've never asked for a hair person before.  I ask K, "Can she handle that I'm often 10 - 15 minutes late?  K responds, "Nope.  You need to be on time but it will be worth the extra effort to make it there".   She was right. And I do Love her.  The new stylist is so much more than just a hair expert. She is also a hair teacher, a color expert, and most of all - an entrepreneur who is about to open her own salon.  

During the 2 hour hair color appointment, we can't stop talking and learning from each other.  I walk out feeling like I just made a new soul-friend.   My new stylist gets Arkadiance, she gets wellness, she gets me and my passion for science.  In 120 minutes, I learned so much about beauty and light and creating a safe place for women to recharge.  She understand busy women so deeply, that she is offering a high top table at her new salon that will just be a Recharge station.  A place where they can stop in whether they need hair help or not.  Just to breathe.   A place to breathe for non-paying customers who just need a moment to be supported by the net.

The net is out there for all of us.  I'm so grateful I've jumped out to be caught by it.   I'd love to know if you have had a recent moment where your Net caught you.

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