In Pursuit of Healing: Ourselves and the Planet

In Pursuit of Healing: Ourselves and the Planet Besides love, there is nothing that heals me more than sunshine and green spaces.  I would choose the woods over the beach any day because of the lush peace presented by the plants amidst photosynthesis, and the many creatures running about being single-minded in their pursuit of nourishment. 

Because this is something I cherish so much, I feel a need to be responsible to do my part and endure its existence and success. Being an ethical and responsible brand is the only way I am willing to be in business. The more I researched into how to be an environmentally-friendly brand, the more I realized it was the only option for Arkadiance.

What is good for Mother Earth is also what is best for my clients.  Yes, we do our best to follow the essential ancient Sanskrit principles of Ahimsa (Non-Violence).  But it is also what is best for my clients because natural products are most effective in recyclable containers.  Also, sustainable natural ingredients are more healing to your body and cause less inflammation.  So, for Arkadiance, being environmentally friendly is the only option to stay true to our brand's founding principles. 

There are a thousands of choices I made creating Arkadiance and each one held several options.  I chose the option of that offered healing to myself and to our Earth. I'm still a novice when it comes to understanding environmental science and all the ways we can be more nurturing to our planet, so please share with me ideas or suggestions where we could make a bigger impact.   Below you'll find just a few of the ways Arkadiance is committed to healing our planet while we heal ourselves.

  • We have all recyclable packages.  95% of our containers are the more expensive glass or aluminum because they are easily recycled and is best to keep pure esssential oils stable.
  • We have natural formulae on all our skin care products.  Our brand average across is 95% sustainable, plant-based ingredients.
  • We use a vegetarian casing (instead of the typical bovine casing) to hold our Probiotic+Cranberry as well as the Rainbow Antioxidants of Curcumin, Chlorella, and Acai Berry supplements. We feel that the vegetarian casing has the least environmental impact.
  • We pay a premium for the water-dissolvable packing peanuts for shipments and ship in recycle-able products.  
  • We have intentionally chosen to reduce waste and excess by not including an outside carton for our products.  Cartons are simply looks and marketing messages.  Our ingredients and other essential information is printed directly on the product containers. 

However, I recognize that I have a luxury that other established brands do not. Instead of carrying the costs of being a mass-market brand, I can invest those dollars into being an environmentally-friendly brand. Every client who chooses Arkadiance is helping us to continue taking the higher road.   You can feel good knowing when you choose Arkadiance, you are not only healing your body, but helping care for the Earth.

Wishing you Radiance and Joy,


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