90 days in...

90 days in...

Throughout my management career, around 90 days in, I like to check in with new employees.   I ask them questions such as, "are you feeling comfortable in your role?"   Or "do you feel challenged enough?"  This time, I'm asking myself the same questions.  It is thrilling to answer with booming confidence, "YES!"   The past 90 days have been a roller coaster of emotions as my newest baby has been brought into the world.  The resounding support I've received from a vibrant community of Wellness Warriors is, "I've been wanting something like this - Thank you!" 

In my deepest heart I hoped I was onto something.  Let me restate that.  In my deepest heart, I knew I was onto something.  I couldn't be alone in the world in my desire for both an exquisite product experience and also natural, green products made without fossil fuel derivatives. This brand has tapped into a global wisdom, an ancient knowing, that has been passed down through generations around the world.   And the first 90 days of organic growth for Arkadiance has proven that to be true.  So grateful that Arkadiance is speaking to a growing group of individuals who are helping the world be better every day.   Arkadiance is just one green thing growing in a forest of people who strive to #LiveYourTruth.

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