Bubbling Facial Cleanser

Purpose:  Citrusy, rich lather cleans without stripping for a silky-smooth finish.  Green and White Tea steeped into natural plantapon gently wash away dirt, make-up, and bacteria – leaves skin silky, yet squeaky-clean.

Directions:  Lather, then massage over face for at least 30 seconds with water or with a cleansing device. Wash away lather for a cleaner and calmer version of you.

Ingredients: Over 97% natural, plant-based, and renewable. Water, DLS Mild, Plantapon, SMC Taurate, Dipanthenol, Glycerin, Aqua EM, PEG 150 Distearate, Essential Oil Blend, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Green Tea Extract, White Tea Extract, Guar Silk, Liquid Germall Plus

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| Face Care

| Sensitive Skin

Facial Cleanser
Silky, citrus-y lather cleanses without stripping - made with natural plant extracts, not soap
Benefits Map
Mild Natural Plantapon Washes Away Dirt and Sebum
Gently Removes Make-up with our Pure Essential Oils
Green and White Tea Leave Skin Unbelievably Clean AND Silky