Genmaicha Green Tea

Purpose:  This ancient Japanese tea delights your senses and balances your mind while unleashing powerful antioxidants.  The leafy green tea is rounded out with the subtle sweetness of popped rice.

Caffeine Level:  Low

Antioxidant Level:  High

Directions:  Steep one pyramid tea bag with 8 oz. hot water for 3-7 minutes.  Add sweetener and/or cream if desired.  Tea bag can be used to make a second cup.

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| Body Care

| Natural Teas

| Oily skin/Break-outs

Green Tea
Return to a balanced state of mind sipping pure green tea with mellow toasted brown
rice. Low caffeine and high antioxidants.
Benefits Map
Polyphenols Help with Mental Clarity
Energizing Green Tea
Reduces Fatigue
Increased Hydration Offers a Clean Energy