How Omega-3's helped me navigate my health journey

How Omega-3's helped me navigate my health journey
"The doctor of the future will interest patients in the care of the human frame, diet, and in the causes and prevention of disease" -Thomas Edison
How Omega-3's helped me navigate my health journey (Guest Blog)

In 2015, I was a busy graduate student working towards my Master’s Degree in Business. I was about halfway through my program when I began to develop a dull, aching headache that lasted from the time I woke up in the morning, to the time I went to bed at night. At first, it was a little harder to concentrate and absorb information at the rate I was used to – I thought I was just tired. Little by little, the headaches got worse and started to affect my vision and balance. I started to worry that something was seriously wrong, and I went to see a neurologist and headache specialist. Neither of which offered a cause, but both recommended trying an antidepressant. Here’s my hesitation with that – I’m the type of person who avoids taking drugs (even Advil) by any means necessary. I fully respect medicine and value its necessity in certain situations, however, I didn’t feel this type of solution would help me fix anything. I didn’t feel like it was the best route for my health when I am fortunate enough not to suffer from depression, and I didn’t feel right taking a drug meant to fix a problem I didn’t have. I’d rather find natural ways to heal the underlying causes.

As time passed, the headaches got worse and I was suffering from a migraine one to two times per week, with a dull ache for the remainder of the time. I discussed this problem with Ami in passing, and she suggested taking Omega-3s. At the time, I had been a strict vegetarian for 7 years and was hesitant to try a fish oil pill. Turns out, constantly being in pain for a couple of years is enough to make you want to try anything. I was aware of the monumental benefits fish oil can have, so eventually, I decided to give it a try.

I’ve been taking Omega-3s religiously since December of 2017. I don’t think any amount of words could explain what a difference they have made in my health. There’s a reason that Omega-3s fatty acids are called “essential fatty acids” – they are essential to our body’s optimal function but we cannot physically make them on our own. What I hadn’t considered in school was that my diet was in no means supporting my hectic lifestyle. I ate whatever I could pack in my bag between classes and survived on iced coffee and matcha to get through 6-10pm night classes, all to stay up even later when I got home, worrying about work the next day and my assignments. I got by, but I could not get far without pain. When I started taking the Omega-3 supplements, the first thing I noticed was the change in my sleep. I fell asleep easier and I stayed asleep. After about a month, my headaches started to respond as well. The amount of pain I was in slowly decreased, and the frequency migraines slowly diminished. I still suffer from the occasional migraine, but I can go days without a slight headache at all, which is leaps and bounds from where I was.  This revelation led me to implement several other positive changes in my life. I was sleeping better, so I felt better. I felt better, so I exercised more. I exercised more, so I fueled that effort with better foods. I have a deeper appreciation for what nature can offer me when I need to heal. I’m still discovering new things every day that can benefit my health, and thanks to Omega-3’s, I have a foundation of essential nutrients to help me feel energized and motivated to do so. 


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